Aged Care

ADVANTAGE NUTRITION offers high level one-on-one and organisational dietetic and nutrition services to a range of aged care clients in public, private and not for profit.  Clinical expertise combined with high level patient management and liaison skills deliver strong outcomes.

ADVANTAGE NUTRITION Aged Care expertise includes the following specialist fields:

Specialist Aged Care Nutrition and Hydration Management

ADVANTAGE NUTRITION Aged Care expertise includes:

  • Aged Care accreditation, menu assessment reports, proposed menus, individual client assessments, education and food safety
  • Specialist in identifying nutritional risks and completing individual assessments (with meal plans) to satisfy funding requirements.
  • Extensive experience in preparing for and meeting Accreditation Standards 2.10 - Nutrition and Hydration and 4.8 - Catering Services and achieving highly commended reviews for our clients.
  • Experience in working with dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) e.g. post stroke, due to dementia.
  • Development of management systems to respond to the food needs of residents within a changing environment and help meet Accreditation Standards as listed:  1.1 - Continuous Improvement, 1.2 -  Regulatory Compliance (e.g. Food Safety), 1.3 - Education and Staff Development, 1.6 - Human Resource Management (education), 1.8 - Information Systems (nutrition and dietetic), 1.9 - External Services

Working as part of a team to promote optimal health and personal care for clients and to help meet Accreditation Standards as listed:  2.1 - Continuous Improvement, 2.2 - Regulatory Compliance, 2.3 - Education and Staff Development, 2.4 - Clinical Care, 2.6 -Other Health and Related Services, 2.7

  • Medication Management (Drug / Nutrient Interactions, Medication preparation for safe swallowing), 2.9 - Palliative Care (Food and Fluid requirements), 2.10 - Nutrition and Hydration.
  • Effectiveness in assisting organizations to enhance resident lifestyle and help meet Accreditation Standards as listed:  3.4 - Emotional Support (food needs), 3.5 Independence - (eating and drinking equipment), 3.6 - Privacy and Dignity, 3.8 - Cultural and Spiritual Life (culturally appropriate foods, appropriate food for religious reasons), 3.9 - Choice and Decision –Making (menus with choices)
  • Instrumental in achieving a safe food environment and to help meet Accreditation Standards listed below:  4.7 - Infection Control (as part of Food Safety Plan), 4.8 - Catering, Cleaning and Laundry Services (menus, food safety plans, safe cooking methods, cleaning procedures, operating procedures)


  • Proven strategic leadership in food, nutrition and dietetics in aged care, disability, corrective services, workforce recruitment and food service systems
  • Implementation of Australian Standards for Texture Modified Foods and Fluids.
  • Coordination of food service systems to meet resident’s clinical food and dietetic needs. Specialist in developing systems to help ensure that safe eating and drinking for clients with chewing and swallowing difficulties (dysphagia)
  • Advocacy for clients.  Ability to assert nutrition and dietetic needs on behalf of clients – many of whom cannot speak up for themselves.
  • Highly developed skills in mediation and ethical problem solving (especially with family members) in relation to enteral nutrition options (PEG) and palliative care – restorative, maintenance and end stages.
  • Ability to Listen to all those who can provide information – carers, next of kin, specialist, hospital staff and food service staff  to give the best range of data on which informed decisions can be made.
  • Ability to negotiate clinical health outcomes from disparate groups to improve client health and well being.

ADVANTAGE NUTRITION offers optimal nutrition management for clients via a range of services:

  • Identification of Nutritional / Dietetic Risks
  • Individual Client Assessments and Review
  • Anthropometric (height / weight etc) assessment for difficult to assess clients.
  • Individual Nutrition and Dietetic Reports and Meal Plans
  • Weight Audit Reports and follow up
  • Review of Drug / Nutrient Interactions (for all individual reports and eating and drinking plans)
  • Eating and Drinking Plans detailing Dietary Needs, Food Texture, Fluid Consistency, Food and Fluid Equipment, Drug Preparation, Likes/Dislikes, Allergies and Special Considerations
  • Summaries of information for ease of follow up by Residential Care Staff e.g. Eating and Drinking Summary,
  • Communication to Carers via email, phone or fax
  • Individual Eating and Drinking Plans, Nutrition Summary Individual Assessment Reports, Written Review Assessments
  • Nutrition and Dietetic Reports for Specialists e.g. respiratory, gastro-enterologist, psychiatrists etc.
  • Guardianship tribunal reports – legal documents


A range of staff education, with the flexibility to travel to your site eliminating the inconvenience of staff travel, staff relief and accommodation expenses.

  • Tailor sessions specifically to meet your needs.
  • All education sessions come with a small competency based quiz for participants to complete and handouts for participants to keep.
  • Certificates of attendance can also be provided
  • Education sessions listed in detail on under Education drop down menu



  • Skill in identifying Resident Food Needs (Nutrition, Dietetic, Food Texture, Fluid Consistency, Food Safety, Social, Emotional and Cultural Needs)
  • Menu Assessment, Review and Reporting to meet Health, Aged Care, Disability and Corrective Services  Accreditation Standards and External Audit requirements
  • Seasonal Menus  (winter, summer) – development and formatting


  • Recipe Assessment and Review
  • Recipe Analysis and Compliance with standards
  • Nutrition Information Panels
  • Recipe Development including: digital images of finished dishes, HACCP compliance, nutrition information panels and suitability for special diets e.g. diabetes, gluten free etc)


  • Food Safety and Hygiene Audits
  • Food Safety Plans and Policy Manuals – including HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
  • Appropriate Recipe Development and Analysis for HACCP Cleaning and Operating Procedures
  • Monitoring Tools  (development and implementation)
  • Staff training and education


  • CBORD – serving line worksheets and relevance to menus
  • CBORD – transfer requisition sheets and relevance to stores orders
  • Applicability of size and portion control to resident nutrition and dietetic needs
  • Review of stores orders to complement menus
  • Review of food costs and providing nutrition and dietetic needs within budget constraints.

ADVANTAGE NUTRITION supports individual patient needs, policy development for clients will improve overall nutrition outcomes for patients in areas such as:

  • Bowel Charts and accompanying protocols
  • Gluten Free Meals
  • Constipation
  • Hypoglycaemia & Hyperglycaemia in Diabetes
  • Diabetes
  • Nutritional Analysis of Recipes
  •  Fluid Consistency for Thickened Fluids
  • Special Diets
  • Food Safety
  • Texture Modified Meals
  • Food Service
  • Weight Management