Food Services

ADVANTAGE NUTRITION offers extensive experience with all types of therapeutic and ready meal food service systems including cook fresh / serve, cook chill, frozen and transition or combination systems.

ADVANTAGE NUTRITION offers high levels of expertise in Food Service Management including:

  • Menu and recipe development tailored to meet resident needs  (Nutrition, Dietetic, Food Texture, Fluid Consistency, Food Safety, Social, Emotional and Cultural Needs)
  • Development of Food Safety Plans and Policy Manuals – Small and Large scale – see Food Safety Standards section below.
  • Managing food service costs and conducting food service system audits without compromising nutritional standards.
  • Experience in small, medium and large settings including aged care facilities, disability institutions, small group homes, mental health institutions, hospitals, Health Support Services (NSW State Menu Review), Corrective Services (800 maximum security facility).


  • Skill in identifying Resident Food Needs (Nutrition, Dietetic, Food Texture, Fluid Consistency, Food Safety, Social, Emotional and Cultural Needs)
  • Menu Assessment, Review and Reporting to meet Health, Aged Care, Disability and Corrective Services  Accreditation Standards and External Audit requirements
  • Seasonal Menus  (winter, summer) – development and formatting.


  • Recipe Assessment and Review
  • Recipe Analysis and Compliance with standards
  • Nutrition Information Panels
  • Recipe Development including: digital images of finished dishes, HACCP compliance, nutrition information panels and suitability for special diets e.g. diabetes, gluten free etc)

Food Safety

  • Food Safety and Hygiene Audits
  • Food Safety Plans and Policy Manuals – including HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
  • Appropriate Recipe Development and Analysis for HACCP Cleaning and Operating Procedures
  • Monitoring Tools  (development and implementation)
  • Staff training and education

Stores & Costs Audits

  • CBORD – serving line worksheets and relevance to menus
  • CBORD – transfer requisition sheets and relevance to stores orders
  • Applicability of size and portion control to resident nutrition and dietetic needs
  • Review of stores orders to complement menus
  • Review of food costs and providing nutrition and dietetic needs within budget constraints.

ADVANTAGE NUTRITION supports individual patient needs, policy development for clients will improve overall nutrition outcomes for patients in areas such as:

  • Bowel Charts and accompanying protocols
  • Gluten Free Meals
  • Constipation
  • Hypoglycaemia & Hyperglycaemia in Diabetes
  • Diabetes
  • Nutritional Analysis of Recipes
  • Fluid Consistency for Thickened Fluids
  • Special Diets
  • Food Safety
  • Texture Modified Meals
  • Food Service
  • Weight Management